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We have done our homework and have found what we believe are the best products and suppliers of products, for the best possible prices.  See what we use in our salon and pick up what you need for yours!

Norvell Sunless Solutions

Norvell Sunless

We purchase all of our solutions from West Coast Sunless.  Visit their website for pricing and information.

Dermasuri Exfoliating Products

Dermasuri Exfoliating Products

We offer these amazing exfoliating skincare products in our salon.  For information and pricing and to find out how you can resell them, contact West Coast Sunless by visiting their website

Norvell Sunless Equipment

Norvell Equipment

We purchase all of our equipment from West Coast Sunless.  Visit their website for pricing and information. 

Sunless Training

Norvell University Training and Educator

Norvell University (“NU”) offers the industry’s #1 Spray Tan training classes. Get your spray tan certification and launch your business. NU offers three different ways to train, from 24/7 online courses to energetic in-person classes, and one-on-one training through an NU Academy like the one here at the Body Bar.  Visit our Training page for more information.