We are a Norvell University Certified Academy

Katie Ramsey is a Master Certified Spray Tan Artist and Educator for Norvell Sunless.  The Body Bar Sunless Spa is a Certified Academy training location for Norvell.  

Are you a beginner?  Don't know where to start or if the sunless industry is right for you?  Check out the CORE training class online at Norvell University.  The CORE class provides you will an overview of the sunless industry, the science behind sunless, and the basics on how to start your own tanning business.  

Hands-on training is available in our salon through our academy.  Come in and see a working salon, ask Katie about her journey in the sunless industry, see how she has her room set up, and learn how to spray from a Master Certified Spray Tan Artist and Educator.  The academy can give you all of the confidence you need to work with your first-ever paying customer!

Visit Norvell University to sign up for an online course and/or to sign up to train with Katie.  Be sure to ask about getting a free one hour session with Katie when you sign up to take the CORE training online!  You may also contact Norvell directly at:  (888) 829-2831.